Fine Art Paintings and Prints ofArtist Caroline Putnam

Work in progress

For some time, my family has been involved in the production of arts and crafts reflecting rural living and what most people think of as bygone times.
We are fashioning leather holsters, belts,and bandelaros, creating knives from old steel parts and painting images on canvas and gun stocks and guitars.
Here are some of our products, so far.

We will have many more to come.


This image is taken from an Edward Curtis Photo.
This is a warrior who killed 3 bears at once to save his own life...and win the hand of his bride.
This painting is done with great attention to detail.
You can "feel" the hair.

This image is taken from an old scratchy black and white.
Custer's scurge, this man was a shaman and presented a much more sensitive character than the monster of history books.
He has a butterfly in his cap and flowers on his embriodered vest. He smiled when the painting was done.

This image was taken from a 'wild west' show photo.

A fierce defender of his clan, this man's way of life ended on the "trail of tears" but his legacy did not.
He remains a hero to me through his nephew, Nino Cochise...a book worth reading.

Bear's Belly
20" x 16"
oil on canvas
  Sitting Bull
20" x 16"
oil on canvas
20" x 16"
oil on canvas

We picked up this guitar from a friend. The sound is great. The artwork is done with lacquer and has an hierloom varnish topcoat.
The case is hard and quite sturdy.

Price:$350 + shipping

This display is 2 views of a wood stock for a Ruger Mini 14. The original design is painted in oil and finished with an heirloom varnish.

Price:$150 + shipping

  Fender Dreadnought
lacquer painted; original design
  Painted stock for Mini 14


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