Fine Art Paintings and Prints ofArtist Caroline Putnam

Services for Artists

Expand your exposure!
Reproduce your images in fine giclee prints!

Easy to carry
Affordable to
ship and/or frame
Keep your inventory managable and portable

These are small format prints printed by a Pro 3800
- The paper size is 13" x 19"
- Pigmented ink on archival paper - watercolor paper or smooth matte finish
- Image to the artist's size specifications:
8"x10" up to 12"x18" - single image on a single sheet
multiple prints per sheet (1" borders per image)
See the examples below on this page

I have done very well with this size at shows.
These prints also make an outstanding presentation when I promote to designers, who have often purchased them right from my portfolio.

I provide this service for artists locally. My clients simply print more when they want more.
I make a file of the print and put it on CD and return all the material to the artist.

The cost to the artist is:
$50 per single image to create the Print file and CD
$15 for each print
$10 for packaging
Shipping depends on the size of the order*
Simply send a good quality (300-400dpi jpg) reproduction either on CD or photo (no larger than 8"x10") to:
Carol Putnam
1329 #B N. Columbus Ave
Glendale, CA 91202

Send photo and CD materials to:
Carol Putnam
1329 #B N. Columbus Ave
Glendale, CA 91202

Websites for artists
The base cost for this service is $500 for 4 pages.
My standard for this remains my own site
This service is for site design to the artist's specifics.
The artist must have a registered URL and a server.

More information? email me.

Sample Prints

8 x 10" image
9 x 12" image

11 x 14" image

12 x 18" image

multiple images

multiple images


*PLEASE NOTE that shipping abroad is more expensive than the domestic rates. If the shipping address is out of the US, please email me the address and I will send you a shipping quote.

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